Proudly South African

We Support Products Made Proudly In South Africa Wherever Possible!

The Spotted Zebra Team is proud to support suppliers who manufacture and create beautiful South African promotional gifts and clothing, much of it truly unique to the essence of building a nation of budding entrepreneurs and small business. While there is much that is still imported, wherever it is possible, we will source a comparative South African product in order to be part of the building of an economy based on the broad range of talents available in South Africa.

With the instability of the Rand many times throughout the year, we encourage and support all competitive and innovative South African designers and creators across the spectrum of promotional clothing and gifting, holding all to a high standard of design and manufacture.

With the talents of Diana Carmichael, Andy Cartwright and Carrol Boyes, among others, turned to African inspired solutions for gifting you will be spoilt for choice. Handmade South African made hammocks, handbags, beaded key rings and business holders to T-Shirts and caps, added to our 15 years worth of experience, you can rely on the Spotted Zebra Team to guide you to the perfect gift produced by South Africans.

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Proudly South African


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